The truth of the matter is that bluffing is part of poker. Players bluff to increase their winning advantage, often a successful bluff can lead to a surprising amount of luck and it can affect the winning rate of the player.

There are still poker players that do not fully understand how bluffing works. A good bluff is basically based on different situations.

A good bluff also comes with the right timing, you can’t just bluff because you wanted to or you thought that you haven’t bluffed a hand for a while. These are not good reasons for bluffing.

The following are the considerations that you must first acknowledge before bluffing.

1. The players that you are trying to bluff.

This is the first thing that you should know. Know the players that you can’t bluff and the players that you can. Over time you spend with other poker players you will be able to get to know them and with this you can determine if you can bluff them or not.

2. Consider your table image.

If you are caught in the act bluffing ridiculously, other players may remember you that way for a very long time. On the other hand, if you rarely bluff, other players will respect you and if you bluff chances are you will be able to get away with it.

3. Know the number of players you try to bluff.

It is difficult to bluff with too many players at the table; it is rather easier to bluff with just few players. Again, this boils down to one, know the players around you and consider if you can bluff them or not.

4. The board

If you have low cards, some find it the best time to bluff. However, if you plan on bluffing with low cards remember that you should do it with proper timing.

5. Your position

If you are playing against an aggressive kind of poker player, you tend to have the advantage of acting first and bluffing first.

Your position can give you advantage or even disadvantage in bluffing, so determine your position at the table and this will help you identify if you are in the proper position to bluff or not.

6. Tournament situations

If you are playing in a tournament, bluffing is not wise especially during the first stages of the game.

Normally, players in poker tournaments are more serious than when they are at regular poker game, so avoid making a fool out of your self and bluffing too early.

Bluffing in a more tight game can be sometimes worth taking a risk. Bluffing can be very risky so if you are doing it wrong it can cost you a lot.

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