We are determined to defend and promote academic freedoms and rights, and to carry forward the heroic struggles of our forebears who fought for the liberation of our people. We are conscious of the problems facing the education sector and the need to resolve them. Guided by the principles of democracy, non-racism, non-sexism, gender equity, and student representation at the national level, we stand for freedom of association, assembly, expression, and all other fundamental human rights bestowed upon us by international and regional instruments, as well as our domestic legislation.

We are aware that we are active members of society before we are students, and we espouse the values of Ubuntu. With these convictions, we hereby constitute ourselves as the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), adopting this constitution as our supreme instrument of governance and reference.

ZINASU shall have the legal status of a universitas with a legal personality separate from that of its membership, with perpetual succession and with the capacity to do all things of which a universitas is capable of doing which are compatible with and subject to this constitution and the ideals for which ZINASU stands for.

We, the students of Zimbabwe, stand ready to fight for our rights and for the rights of all those who have been oppressed and marginalized. We stand ready to carry forward the noble task of liberation and to build a better future for ourselves and for all Zimbabweans. We call upon all students to join us in this struggle, and we stand united in our determination to achieve our goals.


Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) shall be established as a universitas with a legal personality separate from that of its membership. As such, ZINASU shall have perpetual succession  and the capacity to do all things that a universitas is capable of doing, provided that such actions are compatible with this constitution and the ideals for which ZINASU stands.

The legal status of ZINASU as a universitas shall grant it the power to undertake legal proceedings and enter into contracts in its own name. ZINASU shall be authorized to own property, including movable and immovable property, and to dispose of such property as it deems fit.

ZINASU shall be governed by this constitution and any other relevant laws and regulations. The membership of ZINASU shall be open to all bona fide students of Zimbabwean universities and other higher education institutions who subscribe to the ideals and objectives of the union.

The affairs of ZINASU shall be managed by a democratically elected executive committee , which shall be responsible for implementing the policies and programs of the union. The executive committee shall consult with and be accountable to the membership of ZINASU.

ZINASU shall be committed to upholding the principles of democracy, social justice, and human rights. The union shall use all lawful means at its disposal to promote the interests and welfare of its membership and to advance the cause of education and social justice in Zimbabwe.

In a nutshell, the legal status of ZINASU as a universitas with a separate legal personality from its membership provides a solid foundation for the union to pursue its objectives and to promote the interests of its membership. ZINASU shall continue to operate within the confines of its constitution and applicable laws and regulations, while striving to uphold the ideals and principles for which it stands.