Democracy and Good Governance

At the Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU), our primary focus lies in the promotion of democracy and good governance. We recognize the pivotal role of education in transmitting societal norms, culture, and democratic values across generations. We firmly believe that education plays a crucial part in supporting the foundations of democratic governance within societies.

In Zimbabwe, advocating for democratic principles has not come without its challenges. Students who boldly oppose government attempts to control information or indoctrinate through the education system often face arrest, torture, abduction, and detention. Nonetheless, we persistently strive to encourage the Zimbabwean government to value and invest in education as a means to empower individuals and uphold the rights of students.

A key aspect of our advocacy involves emphasizing the importance of literacy, as it enables individuals to stay informed through access to journals, research papers, newspapers, and books. Informed citizens are better equipped to actively contribute to the enhancement of democracy. We strongly advocate for education systems that encourage the study of various political doctrines and systems of government, enabling the development of well-reasoned arguments based on thorough research and a clear understanding of history.

ZINASU also stands for the freedom of private and religious groups to establish schools. However, we emphasize that state-run institutions must be accessible to all, irrespective of their background, financial status, gender, or physical disabilities. We believe in the power of inclusivity and equal educational opportunities for all.

Furthermore, we support the freedom of students to organize clubs and activities where democratic norms can be practiced. Student representative councils and bodies provide invaluable experiences in the democratic process, elections teach about citizen participation and voting, school publications educate about the role of a free media and responsible journalism, and civic clubs foster connections to the larger community.

As the Zimbabwe National Students Union, we are dedicated to promoting education that upholds democratic values, good governance, and empowers students to become active and engaged citizens. Our vision is to build a society where education is accessible, inclusive, and fosters democracy and good governance. Through our advocacy efforts, we strive to create a Zimbabwe that thrives on democratic governance, ensuring the rights and voices of students are heard and respected.