2024 YETT Young Women Rising Leadership, Skills and Development Course Application Form 

The Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust (YETT) is calling for applications for the 2024 Young Women Rising Leadership Skills Development Course. Under the inspiring banner of Young Women Rising, this program is designed to empower young women across all levels, from grassroots to national, equipping them with the skills, tools and confidence to individually and collectively challenge harmful gender norms and inequalities. Our aim is to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment that champions young women’s participation in sustainable development initiatives.

The program takes a deliberate approach in building the capacities of young women through training, mentorship, and inspiration from real-life experiences. The program targets aspiring young women leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life, and aims to equip young women with skills needed to navigate and challenge the patriarchal norms entrenched within Zimbabwean society. Through a comprehensive curriculum, participants will gain insights into strategies for achieving gender justice and equality across social, economic, and political spheres. Overall, the program seeks to build strong young women leaders who will influence the development and implementation of sustainable pro-women policies that pave the way for a brighter future.

The program embraces a leadership and feminism approach, delving deep into the norms affecting and sustaining the patriarchal system in Zimbabwe. Participants will receive training and practical tools to address vulnerabilities and inequalities faced by young women which are further exacerbated by evolving global challenges, such as climate change


Deadline 10 April 2024!

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