Free United Nations Courses on Gender Equality.

Empowering individuals with knowledge is a cornerstone in the journey towards gender equality. The United Nations recognizes this imperative and offers a plethora of free courses aimed at fostering understanding, awareness, and action in the realm of gender equality. Whether you’re a student, activist, educator, or simply someone passionate about making a difference, these courses provide valuable insights and tools to catalyze positive change.

Here’s a comprehensive list to get you started:

  1. I Know Gender 1-2-3: Gender Concepts to get Started
  2. Women’s access to justice explainer video
  3. Using Gender Statistics: A Toolkit for Training Data Users
  4. e-Toolkit on Gender Equality in Education
  5. Mainstreaming Gender in Voluntary National Reviews
  6. Adolescent Girls’ Agency, Safety, and Wellbeing Playlist
  7. E-Learning on Gender Statistics (Arabic)
  8. UNICEF Gender Equality Core Commitments for Children in Humanitarian Action Playlist with Interactive Game
  9. SDG Indicator 5.a.1 – Equal tenure rights for women on agricultural land
  10. eGovernment for Women Online Toolkit
  11. How to Communicate HIV
  12. Abortion in Argentina: conceptual and operational tools for the full implementation of Law 27,610. Second Litter.
  13. Co-responsible masculinities – Promoting the participation of men in care work.
  14. Journalistic Coverage of the Right to Legal Abortion
  15. Digital gender violence. Approaches from the ESI
  16. Men and Masculinity (ES)
  17. Introduction to feminist communication

Explore more free gender related courses on the UN Women platform here, , Visit UNFPA website or visit the UN SDG: Learn website here to delve deeper into the world of gender equality and sustainable development.

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