Job Description

We are seeking a qualified and experienced procurement manager to join our team. As a procurement manager, you will be responsible for coordinating, planning, and directing the procurement of materials, supplies, and services essential for our company’s operations. Your role will be crucial in ensuring that we have a steady supply of high-quality goods and services while optimizing costs and maintaining excellent vendor relationships.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Develop and implement procurement strategies, policies, and procedures to optimize the procurement process and achieve cost savings.
2. Identify and evaluate potential suppliers, negotiate contracts, and establish long-term relationships with key suppliers.
3. Monitor supplier performance and compliance with contracts and take appropriate action to address any issues or concerns.
4. Collaborate with internal stakeholders, such as Retail, finance, and Production, to understand their procurement needs and ensure timely delivery of goods and services.
5. Analyze market trends and developments to identify potential risks and opportunities, and make recommendations to senior management.
6. Manage the procurement budget and track expenses to ensure adherence to financial targets.
7. Lead a team of procurement professionals, providing guidance, training, and performance feedback.
8. Stay updated on industry best practices and new procurement technologies to continuously improve the procurement function.
9. Ensure compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and ethical standards in procurement activities.
10. Prepare and present reports on procurement activities, including cost savings, supplier performance, and risk assessment on a monthly basis.

Qualifications and Experience

Degree in supply chain management or related field
A masters degree is an added advantage
professional qualifications in supply chain management

How to Apply

Cvs to be send on , with a subject title “PROCUREMENT MANAGER”

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